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Our Philosophy

Our bodies are designed to be athletically functional; to move, to jump, run and swim. To lift and carry, push and pull, twist and climb and pedal. As children we enjoy doing all of these things; we take them for granted as we play because it’s natural to do so. In short we use our bodies for their desired purpose.

As we age we sometimes forget the feelings of well-being, joy and exuberance that are associated with playing. We start to believe that our bodies are no longer capable, efficient or functional. We forget what they are for. We suspect that because we are becoming older we are no longer able to perform the activities of our youth, or to feel happy and satisfied as a result.

At Fortius we believe that we are capable of achieving more than we allow ourselves to recognise. However, it seems that we sometimes limit our expectations by neglecting our bodies; we choose not to care for them, or to respect them. We fill them with junk food and drink rather than properly fuelling them, we deny them adequate rest or sleep; we encourage poor posture by sitting on soft furniture or by driving too far, and for too long. We resist the need to test them, to strengthen and stretch them. We become concerned that they are no longer fit for purpose.

It doesn’t have to be this way. A personalised programme of activity, with achievable targets, set alongside improved eating habits, can reap real rewards. That is the focus of our approach at Fortius. Anyone, of any age, can look and feel substantially different if lifestyle changes are made, and adopted, on a consistent basis.

We are products of our 21st century environment. Life is sometimes too fast, food is consumed 'on-the-go', personal time is limited and valuable, and the pressure of day to day living can lead us to confuse the important with the urgent. If we can find the time to reflect and recalibrate, restore and reinvent, we then have the opportunity to change our lives by first changing our lifestyle.

By participating in the physical activities that we enjoy, that suit us, challenge and inspire us, we can make a series of small but important changes that eventually result in a lifestyle shift. Not via quick fixes, or fad diets, and not by deluding ourselves with empty promises. Real change takes time and commitment.

Fortius will design professional, well researched, bespoke training programmes for every individual; for you. Once your own programme is agreed and created we will then ensure that you are supported from day one; through the challenging times, and the weaker moments. We will be there with you.
At Fortius we focus on individual needs, ambitions, abilities and expectations. We will aim to raise your game and will do so without intimidation or humiliation; our approach is to seek to understand, to challenge, to support, empathise and motivate. We can all be better. Let's prove it.

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