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Nov 26, 2014

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Christmas Gift Vouchers are now available as fantastic, and very different, presents for friends and family. Various packages are available.

Christmas Gift Vouchers are now available as follows:

2015 Kick Start - 1-3 month bespoke programmes incorporating individual fitness and food regimes.

Body Fat Focus - Intensive plans aimed to lower body fat %s. Not for the faint hearted.

Ski Fit - Short term intensive plans designed to prepare your body for the slopes.

Golf Fit - 12 week winter training programme focusing on core, back and legs. Create a stronger base for your swing.

Food for Fuel - Bespoke food plans designed to fuel you rather than fool you. Establishes behavioural change.

Learn to Lift - An introductory programme introducing the principal compound moves and their isolation exercise partners. Learn the correct technique!

All voucher prices are dictated by the programme length. Please email shaun@fortiuspersonalfitness.co.uk for further information.




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