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A) Individual/bespoke training programmes

An initial consultation will determine the particular goals of each individual client. For most people this will primarily fall into one of four categories; fat loss, endurance development, hypertrophy (muscle gain) and strength improvement.

- Fat loss

Most exercise programmes aimed at fat loss are designed around low intensity activities with a heavy emphasis on the use of cardiovascular machines such as treadmills, stationary bikes and cross trainers. Fortius believes that such an approach can be ineffective and therefore adopts a different way of working.
Combining an in depth analysis of current food patterns, alongside an intensive and structured training programme, Fortius fat loss protocols are designed to start working immediately and, crucially, to be sustainable over the long term. Remember - it's not about weight loss! It's about fat loss. It's not about 'toning up' - there's no such thing.

- Endurance

For those interested in improving their endurance capabilities Fortius can construct training programmes that are specifically designed for that purpose. Simply running, swimming or cycling further and further has a limited effect in terms of overall performance improvement. Real change is influenced by specifically created training protocols and an assessment of, and possible amendment to, fuel requirements.
Specific measurable targets, and bespoke plans to meet those targets, produce real results. That's where Fortius can help.

- Hypertrophy (muscle gain)

Perhaps the most common aim for men who exercise regularly is to become 'bigger'. It's also the area of training where urban myths dominate the training environment, and where a lack of knowledge and understanding prevents real progress.
The 'quality' of training - reflected in the right movements, adoption of correct technique, selection of equipment, selection of suitable numbers of repetitions and sets, length and regularity of sessions - determines actual performance improvements. Getting this right is crucial, and yet is only one part of the equation. As important is food intake. Without the right fuel our bodies can not perform effectively and grow properly.
Fortius will ensure that your training programme is effective and that your diet supports, rather than detracts from, the hard work that you do. Then you will experience improvements.

- Strength

Strength training and hypertrophy training are two different protocols with a degree of overlap. If you gain size you will also experience some gains in strength, and vice versa. But if you are serious about becoming much stronger, if that is your goal, then the training programme required to achieve results differs markedly from that for hypertrophy. Too often the goals are confused.
Fortius understands the difference between the training protocols and will be able to support your specific plans to be stronger.

B) Food planning/diet analysis

How we fuel our bodies has a crucial impact upon our training performance, our body shape, and our general health. A specific food plan is a service that can either support your fitness programme or, in some specific circumstances, be offered separately.
As a Registered Nutritionist I am able to devise food protocols that are specific to your individual requirements, whatever they might be.

C) 'Partners'

Fortius recognises that some people prefer to train together. The ''Partners' service offers the opportunity for two people (you don't have to be married, perhaps just friends or work colleagues) to train alongside each other. This can generate additional support and encouragement and will help to offset the cost of sessions.
Please make contact for further information.

D) Pre-event preparation

Sometimes we want to prepare specifically for an event, or a celebration. That might be a wedding, a party or a holiday. It might be for a specific sports challenge. Fortius can design an intensive programme which can help to achieve real results within a time limited period. That does not mean it's a quick fix but rather a period of intense training, and real dietary improvements, that will hit the spot. You will need to work exceptionally hard but results will follow. Setting habits in the short term which can last a lifetime.
Please make contact for further information.

E) Team performance

Fortius is able to support your sport's team's training programme by designing group, and/or individual sessions that will directly improve performance. With a background in competitive sport, a Loughborough University Sports Science degree, and career experience from within a professional sports club environment I understand the culture, requirements and demands of team sport.
Please make contact for further information.

F) Group sessions

With specific qualifications in Spinning, Circuit Training and Gym based boxing Fortius offers a range of group training sessions designed to push performance levels to the limit. Whether you are a group of people looking for expert input, with varied and interesting direction, or a gym operator wishing to add expertise to your class rota then please make contact.
NB - Watch this space for specific classes that Fortius is currently developing!

G) Strictly Outdoors

Whilst Fortius recognises that many people prefer working out in a gym environment, or perhaps at home, the Strictly Outdoor programme takes place - strictly outdoors. The natural and built environment provides many perfect spaces to improve fitness performance. Sessions sometimes include equipment but more often than not simply utilises what nature, and man, has provided.
Strictly Outdoors is delivered either in groups or on an individual basis. Please make contact for more details.

H) Sports Specific programmes

If you're looking to improve your performance in a particular sport or activity then a bespoke training programme from Fortius can assist greatly. Perhaps the golf course is becoming a physical challenge, or maybe you are looking to prepare properly for your next ski trip? A few visits to the gym will not give you what you need to secure tangible improvements. The same principle applies across a large number of sports and activities. A bespoke programme recognising the specific demands of your sport or activity will deliver results.
Please make contact for further information.

I) Postural analysis

Most of us now experience issues relating to sitting for too long. It's the curse of modern day living. The physical results of driving for too many hours, sitting at a desk, or being hunched over a computer can result in significant postural changes that, unless addressed, can also affect our daily lives, our sports performance and, in some cases, our health.
An initial postural analysis can help to identify the principal causes of concern and a bespoke training programme will then target weaknesses and make long term improvements.
Please make contact for further information.

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