Harrogate Personal Training Appointments and Prices

Personal Training Appointments & Prices

Free Consultation

All personal training arrangements with Fortius begin with a FREE hour long consultation. Many Personal Trainers charge for this.

At Fortius we believe that it is important for you to feel comfortable with what is on offer, with the support you will receive, and with the commitment you will be expected to make. There is plenty of time for questions to be asked, and answered.

We also believe that an understanding of your current lifestyle, your goals and available time is crucial prior to creating any training relationship.

The consultation session offers the opportunity for us both to make an informed judgement about taking the next step.

Post Consultation

If you're interested in, and excited by, getting involved there are various options available that are reflected in our pricing.

For any programme to be effective a minimum period period of commitment is required; this is usually three months, but can sometimes be longer depending upon your goals. The minimum period allows you to experience the results of your hard work. Any judgement of progress made prior to that time is largely worthless. It's the principal reason why many gym members give up within the first three months.

Whether you sign up for three months, or longer, the next key question relates to the number of weekly sessions you can commit to? The very minimum requirement is two sessions per week but that would also include a commitment to the programme away from our time together, on your own, for at least two additional sessions per week. The 'off-site' programmes can be provided for personal use. Training is only effective when it it becomes purposeful and routine. It's about creating a habit.

Regardless of which programme you sign up for the use of a fully equipped local gym forms part of the offer during each booked session.

Once we have a proposed programme relating to the period of commitment and the number of weekly sessions, Fortius will provide an estimate of monthly cost.

Prices for the 'Partners' programme, for team performance training and/or group sessions are negotiable according to how long the sessions are, and the likely numbers of people involved.

Food plans can be arranged on an individual basis, and priced accordingly, unless they form part of a standard training programme where the cost is already included.

For further information relating to pricing please feel free to get in touch.

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